Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Recipe: Marty's Cheese ball

One of the great things about connecting with people from your past on sites like Facebook is that people remember things you have forgotten.

One of things I had forgotten were all the cheese balls I used to make for the holiday season back in my college days. I use to give cheese balls and baked goods to my friends for the holidays.  Hopefully I can find my Baklava recipe from the good old days as well.  I made Baklava from a new recipe a few months ago and it was a disaster!

About 15 years ago I found out that I was extremely allergic to most dairy products. I am that annoying person who is always asking the waiter if they put cheese on it and if they do please don't put it on my food!  When I go out to eat I prefer to go to Asian places as I do not have to be the cheese police.

Lucky for Marty some how my old recipe filebox that my mom gave me in high school still can be found in my belongings.  So here is the cheese ball recipe.  Enjoy it for me, Marty!

This is a party size cheese ball!

8 oz cream cheese
1 1/4 lb blue cheese
1 1/4 lb sharp cheese
3 Tbl minced onion
1 Tbl Worchester Sauce
1/2  finely chopped nuts-walnuts or almonds are best
1/4 C parsley finely chopped

Mix all of the cheeses, onion and worchester sauce together to form a large ball of cheese.  Roll ball in nuts and garnish with parsley

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