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Naglee Park: A Lifestyle Neighborhood

Naglee Park: A Historical Lifestyle Neighborhood (edit/delete)

Naglee Park San Jose CA is a lifestyle neighborhood in downtown San Jose located next to San Jose State University. The boundaries of the Naglee Park San Jose CA neighborhood are Santa Clara Street, 11th Street, Interstate 280, and Coyote Creek.

The area was developed on the estate of California pioneer Brigadier General Henry Morris Naglee and is considered the first modern subdivision in Santa Clara County. Naglee Park San Jose CA was the first subdivision to be developed and marketed in the way we currently think of a subdivision. Naglee Park was developed as a complete neighborhood with paved streets and all the modern utilities' we take for granted a hundred years later. In addition, all utilities were located at the back of the lots to hide the wires.

Naglee Park had restrictive covenants just like modern subdivisions but the concerns of a hundred years ago are different than today. You could not build a barn or a stable and your house had to cost at least $2000! The automobile was gaining in popularity as Naglee Park was being developed. Many of the residents of Naglee Park were prominent business owners and had to have the latest and greatest trends in housing such as having garages that matched their houses.

Naglee Park has many houses that have historic significance because of their ownership history and their architecture. Drive over to Naglee Park and park your car, walk around and admire all the architectural styles that are not found in the typical Silicon Valley subdivision. Also notice how friendly the neighbors are and imagine that this could be your next lifestyle neighborhood.

If you get hungry after your walk, stroll over to the Naglee Park Garage for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Naglee Park Garage has been featured on the Food Network Show "Diners, Drive-In's and Dives" staring Guy Fieri.

Please let me know if I can show you any of the homes currently available for sale in the Naglee Park neighborhood.

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Recipe: Chicken and Sausage Marinara

I got a request last night to make something with chicken in a tomato base. So out of that request I created this recipe for chicken and sausage marinara. I went to the store and found some vegetables that looked good and that work well with tomato sauce, zucchini, eggplant and mushrooms. I had some red onions fresh from the garden and a beautiful leek to add to the pot. I also had a very nice Malbec (Bodega Belgrano 2008) that sounded like it would be good to drink and good in the sauce. It was!

As you can see I put a great deal of vegetables into the dish and I sauted them first to bring out the richest flavors.

1 Tble olive oil

2 Italian sausage links (pre cooked) sliced

1 zucchini sliced

1 small eggplant sliced

1 leek sliced

1 C mushrooms sliced

1 red onion

5 cloves of garlic minced

32 oz can no salt tomato sauce

12 oz low salt chicken broth

1 C red wine

1 lb of sauted chopped chicken thighs

saute the vegetables and sausage until the vegetables are browned. Remove excess oil and reserve for the chicken. add the tomato sauce and let simmer

in another pan (preferably a large stock pot) saute the chicken thighs in the oil from the vegetables. Add wine and broth and the tomato and vegetable mixture. Simmer for an additional hour and serve over pasta.

This is what the finished dish looked it.

Midtown Palo Alto: Lifestyle Neighborhood

Midtown Palo Alto CA is a neighborhood that has been near and dear to my family for over 40 years. My son's grandmother lived there in the early 1970's and loved to walk to the local ice cream parlor. Twenty years later we moved to Midtown Palo Alto CA and my son loved to do the same thing.

Midtown Palo Alto CA is the area is bound by Oregon Expressway to Loma Verde Avenue, and from Alma Street to Highway 101. Midtown as shopping, parks and several elementary schools all within walking distance. All these wonderful amenities are what make Midtown Palo Alto CA a lifestyle neighborhood.

Midtown Palo Alto CA has two shopping areas; Midtown Shopping Center, located at Middlefield Road and Colorado Avenue; plus an additional shopping area located at Middlefield Road at Loma Verde Avenue

Midtown Shopping Center use to have three different grocery stores to choose from but with changes in shopping habits and the economy the shopping center now is serviced by Safeway. Piazza's is just a short drive away at Middlefield and Charleston, but is not considered to be part of the Midtown Neighborhood. What Midtown has more of now is places to eat. Mike's Café started the trend of having local dining in the Midtown Area. Café Sophia has become for many the local hang out for food and company in Midtown. I know that I will always run into someone I know at Café Sophia.

The shopping area at Middlefield Road and Loma Verde boasts a new comer to the scene, Philz Coffee. In addition to Philz Coffee, stop by and get a rotisserie chicken from Pommard's Café (get there early as they sell out!) and drop your cleaning off at AJ's. AJ's is committed to offering "Green" dry cleaning services.

Stroll through the neighborhoods and enjoy one of the three parks: Greer Park is a great place to watch a soccer game on the weekend. Hoover Park is a favorite of pre-schoolers and their playgroup friends. Seale Park is tucked away in a quiet corner and a lovely find.

There are five elementary schools El Carmelo, Fairmeadow, Hoover, Ohlone and Palo Verde elementary schools located in the neighborhood, which makes Midtown such a desirable place for those with small children. Ohlone and Hoover are district wide schools and have popular programs that very often require a lottery draw to determine attendance.

If you would like to know more about Midtown Palo Alto or go on tour of the neighborhood please give me a shout! I would love to show you a neighborhood loved by my family for over 40 years!

Carla Dimond

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