Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I just presented my first offer on a house!

Like in any business it is the details that make you sweat and can also make you look like an idiot.  I wanted to be prepared and come across as an experienced professional to my buyer and the listing agent with this first offer.

I am so lucky to have an agent at the Keller Williams Cupertino that is great mentor.  He walked me through the process and made sure I knew what documents I needed to have to present the offer and left out others that were not essential. 

I put the offer together and drove over to the buyer.  I then walked the buyer through the offer.  I explained the terms and conditions and then had her sign and initial in all the right places.  I then put the package together and took it over to the listing agent to present.

I practiced what I was going to say several times in the car around why my client was offering the price she was offering.  I wanted to be prepared and was so scared of having the listing agent say, "Is this your first time?" 

I have presented so many contracts in my high tech career that have had terms and conditions that I knew were not exactly what the person on the other side was hoping for.  I know how to deal with the push back on why this was not what they were hoping to get.  I presented the offer with what I think was a strong case on why we were offering what we were.  The listing agent will present the offer to his seller and give him the reasons for our pricing and hopefully get back to us with a counter offer.

Now the fun part begins, trying to find that magic number in the middle that feels like a win/win to both sides.

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