Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anthony Lewis: A general contractor that stands behind his work in Silicon Valley

Anthony Lewis is a general contractor that stands behind his work in Silicon Valley.

To me the difference between a good and a great contractor is how they handle things that go wrong. Unfortunately sometimes things do go wrong and you need to have them fixed.  This is an area that I commend Anthony for being so extraordinary. 

Anthony was the general contractor for the kitchen remodel at my boyfriends house in Silicon Valley.  The job was done about a year ago and everything looked great. However, several months after the job was complete faint hairline cracks appeared in the tile job on the floor and continued to grow as time went by.  We called Anthony and he came out and looked at the floor and immediately volunteered that the floor needed to be repaired.  Once the repair job was underway it was apparent that the floor actually needed to be replaced.  Anthony came and inspected the floor and agreed and had his team remove the floor and replace it.  No drama; no excuses just get in and get it fixed.

I recommend if want to have peace of mind that your Silicon Valley remodel will stand the test of time call Anthony Lewis.

Anthony  Lewis

phone: 831 359-3928

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