Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rachel Schneyer: Thrive Integrated Health

House projects are stressful; even if it is good stress.  I started seeing Rachel when I was remodeling my home in Mountain View.  The stress of managing the project was keeping me up at nights.

Rachel was able to help me better manage my stress through acupuncture and nutrition.  She got me to stop drinking coffee (well the real stuff I still drink decaf) AND to eat breakfast.  My dad has only been trying to get me to do that my whole life!

What was the benefit of no coffee and breakfast?  I lost 10 lbs almost immediately even though I had been working out for an hour or more every morning previously without losing a pound.  I had been training myself to starve not lose weight.  Plus I came home mean and hungry; my family hated me post gym work out!

Thank you Rachel! I am less fat and less mean:-)

I highly recommend you make an appointment with Rachel to reduce your stress and/or get your nutritional habits back on the right path.

Thrive Integrated Health
201 San Antonio Cir
Mountain View, CA 94040

(831) 295-0555

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