Monday, September 28, 2009

What Real Estate Broker do I go with?

Being a real estate agent can be described as an entrepreneurial contract employee.  You are in charge of your business but you can utilize the marketing and branding power of the real estate broker you work for to help increase your business.

My first instincts are that I want to find a real estate broker that has a good mentoring program and name brand recognition.  However, I also realized that there are several boutique real estate brokers that only specialize in serving the silicon valley real estate market.   Which real estate broker makes the most sense for me?

This decision feels so much like the Titian of Industry vs Start-up decision I have had to make so many times in my high tech career.  There is something very satisfying at saying I work at Company A, Titian of Industry.   Name recognition is great and you get to use their name as part of your branding.  But it is also very fun to work for the small and nimble company as well.

The big difference between real estate and high tech is that real estate is a local market and the goal is to create the "Brand of me, Real Estate Specialist" that transcends the name of the real estate broker you work for.

Small Boutique Silicon Valley focused or National Brand Real Estate Broker?  Which is the best for me?

So I am going to make this decision based on the same criteria I would make if I was going to my next high tech company....

At the end of they day it is the people you work with directly that matter more than the company you work for.  So lucky for me I found great people at a name brand company.  I get to have both!

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