Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My New Blog!

I want to thank all of you who have encouraged me to continue or to restart my blog. It is a very nice thing to know that others at least occasionally read what I am writing.

I have decided the format of this new blog will be about real estate and also about lifestyle. I will update at least once a week anything that I find that I think will be interesting about what is happening in real estate; locally and nationally.

I will also highlight a business that I think could be of interest to your lifestyle. Some businesses are real estate oriented and others will just improve the quality of your life. We all like to have someone recommend a service to us instead of relying on a Google Search or an old school Yellow Pages Ad.

I am also going to include a recipe a week. As many of you know that read my original blog; cooking is extremely important to my lifestyle. I wanted to have a forum to share recipes that my family and friends love and that have added a richness to our lives.

I see this blog as a way to stay connected with so many of the wonderful people I have know through out the years and as a way to meet new people as well.


  1. I look forward to reading your blogs. I am sure they will be interesting and insightful. Congratulations on your new career choice - I am sure you will be just as successful! May you have the blessings of Midas...may everything you touch...turn to gold! Grin..remember to share the wealth!

  2. I love you:-)

    Did you notice that I use my Trish taken picture EVERY where? I need a new one! When are we going to see you again?

  3. continue blogging, am there waiting for your items.