Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mountain View CA Lifestyle neighborhoods, Gemello and St Francis Acres

Gemello and St Francis Acres are great examples of the kind of lifestyle neighborhoods that Mountain View CA has to offer.

Gemello and St Francis Acres are West of El Camino and have El Monte as the division between the two neighborhoods. Gemello borders Los Altos on Jardin Drive and Karen Way. Gemello is named after the winery and orchard owned by John Gemello before being developed in the 1950’s.

Gemello primarily consist of two different developments, Blackfield Village and Excel. Most of the homes developed were 3 bedroom homes with either one bath or one and half bath. There are three parks in the area Gemello Park, Marich Way and Solana Court.
St Frances Acres is bordered by El Camino Real, Permanente Creek and El Monte Avenue. St Frances Acres has great access to local parks such as McKelvey Park, Park Drive and Miramonte Ave. Just across El Camino is Eagle Park located at Shoreline Blvd. and High School Way
What they have in common is close proximity to downtown Mountain View and downtown Los Altos.

Both neighborhoods have more traditional suburban housing with larger yards. Many of the streets in Gemello and St Frances Acres do not have sidewalks or street lights and provide a wonderful walk on a moon lit night in the summer.

Located at the intersection of El Monte and El Camino are major shopping destinations such as a newly remodeled and expanded CVS Pharmacy. Check out their great collection of organic household items next time you are in the area. There is a Starbucks that operates as a virtual office for many local residents; I know I have had many meeting there myself. For a quick dinner there is a Pizza My Heart or Boston Market located in the shopping center. The many dining choices that Castro Street has to offer is just a stroll away.

If you would like to explore Gemello or St Francis Acres as your next possible lifestyle neighborhood, just give me a call and I will show you around.

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