Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My real estate marketing campaign

Over the course of my high tech career I have engaged in many marketing campaigns, I have always found it was quite easy to come up with my messaging and my value props for my product. With a real estate marketing campaign the product is you and the process is much harder.

Why am I a better choice for your real estate needs than the other choices you have? How can I really create an unique value proposition about why I am so different than any other real estate agent out there?

Well for anyone that knows me, I am different in my approach to just about everything thing I do, so using that kind of logic I must be a different kind of real estate agent. However, I think an example may serve me better.

One of the biggest differences I see is that I am focusing on neighborhoods not cities. The Bay Area is a magnificent place to live and there are wonderful neighborhoods scattered across Silicon Valley. I am focusing on neighborhoods with a high walk ability index. I love the website, as it helps to illustrate the type of neighborhoods I am focusing on.

The neighborhoods I am following tend to get very high walk ability scores using this index and one of the great things about this website is that it shows you how close various amenities are to your current address or an address you are considering. It helps you evaluate what lifestyle each neighborhood has to offer.

For example, let’s say that you are very interested in two different houses in the same neighborhood but proximity to a coffee shop and a grocery store are is very important to you. Just put each of the addresses into and see how close they are to the two most important amenities for you. This gives you additional tools to help you evaluate the best house for you and the best neighborhood based on your unique needs.

I have coined the term Lifestyle Neighborhood to describe these types of amenity rich neighborhoods. I will be using this term and defining this term in my real estate marketing campaign.

I would love your feedback on this approach to branding myself differently in my approach to real estate.

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