Thursday, January 7, 2010

Recipe: Perfect French Fries

I spent most of my high school years as a fry cook at the local hamburger drive-in in Idaho making Perfect French Fries. They made all their French fries from scratch; great because I learned to make them; not so great as I have grease burns on my arms as souvenirs.

When my son was little he loved to have his friends over and French fry parties. I would cut up and cook endless amounts of French fries for my son and his friends.

The secret to great fries is the prep work before frying. You need extremely fresh high quality potatoes and good oil. Peanut oil or Canola oil is a good choice. The Belgium’s use horse lard but that is not available in the US and most Americans would not eat fries cooked in horse fat anyway!

Plan on about one to one and half potato per person for serving.

Peel the potatoes and cut into fries, I find the thinner the fry the faster it cooks and the crispier it gets. Soak the cut fries in ice water for at least 15 minutes. Then pat dry with a cotton dish towel. You want as much water removed as possible. Have your oil hot but not smoking and place a batch of fries into the oil. I use a deep frying pan so that it is easier to get the fries in and out of the oil. Cook the fries until they are blanched. By blanched I mean they are about half cooked and then remove from the oil and let them cool and the oil reheat. Return the fries to the oil and watch until they turn golden brown. Remove from the oil again. Place them on plate with a paper towel to blot the oil. Season and serve.

Watch that plate disappear in seconds and repeat the process!

4 to 5 large Idaho potatoes peeled and cut

2 C of Canola or Peanut Oil

Salt/pepper to taste

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