Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DJS Painting: Fast and professional painting in Silicon Valley

My boyfriend and I recently had his house painted. It was a beige-ish color as are most of the houses in the area and I wanted to paint it something different. We were not finding the right color for the house. Don, of DJS painting, has a color specialist that came to the rescue and helped us find the right colors for the house. It is also nice to have a 3rd party be involved so that it does not become a domestic dispute. He knew what white color would match the gutters and not make them look dirty. He also had a great idea on how to work around the fact that the white of the patio door did not that match that particular shade of white.

Don's crew was very quick and did a great job. If you need your house painted professionaly and quickly please contact DJS Painting

Don Stover
DJS Painting
(408) 849-6520

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