Saturday, February 11, 2012

Condo Bingo Anyone?

One of the things I love most about my job is the unexpected. There always are many things that can happen on the journey to buy a new home. This morning I had the opportunity to go with a client to put an offer on a new condo under development. We were told that there could possibly be more people interested in the condos that were being released than there were condos available. Even with this warning we were not prepared for the wall to wall number of people wanting to have a chance to buy a new condo nor were we prepared for the way the selection process was carried out.

There were a few lucky owners to be that got their first choice condo. They were given their paperwork and sent on their merry way. I am wondering if they were happy to be the one and only or if they are second guessing that they picked an ugly condo…

The majority of potential condo owners had their ownership determined by a Condo Bingo.

Condo Bingo works like this:

You wait for the unit you gave as your first choice to be called out. Then you and the other condo contestants go to the front of the crowd and pick out which bingo ball is going to determine if you get to buy a new condo today or not. Some condo contestants agonized over which bingo ball was going to be lucky enough to bring them a home. Others like my client just asked to be given a ball so they could get the silly process over with. The balls were placed into the bingo ball spinner and whoever’s ball dropped out the other end got the condo.

My buyer was a Condo Bingo winner, but this was the strangest way to get a new home I have been a part of so far.

Would you play Condo Bingo?

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