Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Call me crazy but I love first time buyers

I know many agents do not like all the questions and sometimes all the drama that comes with dealing with first time buyers. However, I love participating in one of life's biggest moments and for most of us buying our first house is a really big moment. I feel really good when I help someone find that first place.

I know that many first time buyers start out looking for the Taj Mahal with a trailer park budget. Again half the fun of working with them is helping them realize what they can actually afford in their price range. Sometimes this results in tears and a decision to hold off for a little longer. Other times they find exactly what they want and they start building a new life. I had one client call me recently to let me know they were expecting another baby, I was so excited because one of the main reasons they bought their first house was so they could expand their family.

I have another first time buyer that has a couple of offers under his belt and so he understands the process better than most first time buyers. On one of our last shopping sprees to find him a home he brought along a friend that is thinking of starting to look for his first place. His friend asked a great deal of questions and I was amazed at the answers my client gave him about the process. He has really listened to what I have shared with him about the process in the last couple of weeks. He is under contract and patiently waiting to see if we make it through the short sale process.

I have another first time buyer that I am working with ask me about a property they wanted more information on that they found out on Zillow. It just happened that the data was out of date and I got back to them with a flippant remark about why would they need if the data was always accurate on Zillow?

They got back to me with the cutest reply. They said, “We need you to negotiate for us and we need your moral support.” I loved answer about providing moral support because sometimes I think some agents forget what a big deal buying a house is. We get jaded, we do this all the time but our clients do not. We really do need to provide moral support to our clients. I am getting this first time buyer the keys later this week and I can hardly wait. And yes, I have provided a great deal of moral support along the way.

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