Saturday, October 1, 2011 My favorite new website is a great site because it has aggregated several sites that make sense for home buyers and home sellers to check out.

I know is geared towards buyers but sellers will want to make sure they know what potential buyers will find when they type in their address.
For Example, I just found out there are 10 registered sex offenders in my neighborhood within a mile of my home, and only 1 sex offender in the neighborhood of the last house I owned. That is information I would have liked to have had when I sold my place in Palo Alto and bought my place in Mountain View.

Interesting Facts I just learned about Mountain View, CA

15% of the houses built in Mountain View were built after 1990; I would have guessed that number was 5%!

34% of the housing available in Mountain View is Single Family Homes; I would have guessed that number was higher.

11% of households speak Spanish at home and 60% speak English only. Again, I would have guessed that the number of English only speakers to be much lower.

Mountain View's unemployment rate is lower than the national average. Thank you Google!

Mountain View's median household income is just over $92,000.00 and the median family income is just over $117,000
61% of the population has a bachelor’s degree and 49% of the population over 15 is married.

But my favorite factoid is….

Of the percentage of regular church goers in Mountain View, the 3rd most popular religion is LDS. Now that is not something I would have guessed either.

Use and tell me what you learned about your neighborhood and city!

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